Artisan Hemp Flower, $260/lb, Mix & Match, Trimmed, 75 lbs
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Artisan Hemp Flower, $260/lb, Mix & Match, Trimmed, 75 lbs

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Your Price: $19,500.00
Artisan Hemp Flower, $260/lb, Mix & Match, Trimmed, 75 lbs
Part Number: BTMM4
Directions This is a once a year shopkeeper special!

Choose any combination of BT Artisan Hemp Flowers totaling 75 lbs: 

For Cherry Blossom Search BT3 thru BT11 (1 lb thru 200 lbs) 
For Cherry Wine Search BT14 thru BT22
For Berry Blossom Search BT25 thru BT33
T1 x Berry Blossom Search BT36 thru BT44
Tokyo x Berry Blossom Search BT47 thru BT55
For PM x Berry Blossom Search BT58 thru BT66

Just place your order, and then return your order confirmation email to [email protected] with your product choices.  Regardless of the listed cost of your various choices, you will pay only the bulk discount price of this order. 

All your BT choices are boutique, air dried, trimmed, high CBD, newly harvested organic hemp flower and nothing else. All product photos are the actual product.

Free continental USA delivery. Remittance is via wire transfer.

Please email [email protected] for wire instructions or call 914-343-6734.

Search part numbers BT1 thru BT66 for all quantity discounts and strains from this Arizona grower.