We can clone our website for 4K, so that it becomes your website.  You become the sole owner and have sole control of the site and its contents, including control of pricing and free access to dozens of other store designs. Everything is drop-shipped in your name. The cloning process takes less than a week. 

This is a 3dCart website, total monthly overhead, regardless of how many items, is $29.  That $29. includes free 24/7 Tech Support and a powerful support lookup that provides step-by-step directions to their very easy to use online dashboard.

'Franchise' is really the wrong word, in that your customers check out through your store. The store and shop cart are exclusively your own - we are unaware of your orders and have no access to your site or orders. You have sole control of what products are listed at what prices.  PharmaHemp, should you want to keep their products in your store, gives you blind drop ship, as we do with our Wholesale Hemp Flower listings, which are also cloned along with the rest of the store.

For details, please call Dan at 914-343-6734 or email [email protected] or [email protected].